Why Lithuania?


First time we visited Lithuania on a motorbike trip and were hooked at first sight!
After several trips throughout stunning Lithuania, not only friendships have developed, also a love is grown in us for Lithuania and it's people.

But not even the beauty of Lithuania may hide that poverty is still widely spread.

Unemployment, Alcoholism and Suicide are challenges people deal with on a daily basis.

Many children live in orphanages, families are spoilt or parents do not live anymore. Sometimes parents even leave the kids behind while seeking a better life abroad.

There are institutions takeing care for these children and eg organize holiday camps and such.

Often times kids get adopted by other families that bearly have enough money for themselfes.


Facts like these have pierced our heart why we founded Love Lietuva {Lietuva is Lithuania in lithuanian} to help the people of Lithuania.


We work together with the local social institution and evangelical churches. They inform us what projects are up to and necessary to be helped with. We also travel to the places and offer our hands, investigate the projects and keep good contact with the people that are involved.


If your heart is also moved and you want to help the peoplein Lithuania, this is just a wonderfull thing!

On this Homepage you learn, how you can get involved.

Also do not hesitate to contact us directely.


Love Lietuva is still in the starting process and it is very excieted to see, how a glimpse started to be a burning fire that reached already the heart of many others.

We are ready to take this task to build up a ministry and expierience how help really reach the needy and make a change in their lifes. This is what we stand for. 





Karin & Stefan Bolliger