Country Side



Outreach Team Support

Church Life

Our main engagement is practical support on the spot - where ever it is needed the most and where our help is accepted. We work together with local teams and people that we support financially so they can acomplish their mission.


Especially the wintertime is very challenging for many people - on the countryside there is not a street maintenance as we know it from Switzerland for example. Also oftentimes streets are dark with no lanterns aside.


We offer our help: organize groceryies, cooking, meal delivery, Firewood, doctors visits, body- and healthcare, etc.

We also visit people at home, spend  time together and talk, play games, handcraft, have meals together and much more. We also invite them to attend church and learn more about the bible.



Further projects:

  • Serve in Orphanages and Elderly homes
  • Online Shop with authentic and hadcrafted products from the Baltics and other countries
  • we also dream of a christmas dinner together with the needy in a beautyfully decorated and warm ballroom!